Friday, May 11, 2007

Bugs are scary

Otis and I had a busy day today. It was his last swim lesson for this session and he is quite pleased it's over. He is a tough and fearless kid in every aspect of his life except when it comes to bugs and swimming. Any flying insects can send him right over the edge. So the fact that it is warm spring weather is complete torture for him. We don't have screens on a few windows or on the back door, but I need fresh air, so I occasionally open them. This causes high pitched screeching whenever a fly finds it's way indoors. Otis says he just hates the sounds they make. He wears protection (a hoodie, zipped all of the way up) whenever we leave the house. He means business.

As for swimming, he hates getting water in his face. I attribute this issue to bathing with Milo. Otis has improved greatly due to his swimming lessons. He doesn't scream or cry when the kid next to him accidently splashes him and is even able to partially submerge his face in water. Today however was just asking too much. Since it was the last class they try and make it more fun. They let the kids slide down the medium sized water slide and ride on the big foam boat. Otis took one look at the slide and said "No, you do it" to his teacher. He graciously let all of the other kids go before him and then decided it was definitely not for him. The look of disgust on his face was priceless.
After the teacher got the boat out and loaded everyone onto it, Otis tentatively boarded, visibly skeptical of it's sturdiness. The teacher pushed the boat around the kiddy pool and the kids screamed with joy, except for Otis. He was holding on for dear life. When the others had the nerve to move...around...the...boat... he was clearly annoyed and afraid for his life. It was sad, but so funny to watch.

The big kid's school year is almost over. Just 3 1/2 weeks left. This means that Dahlia, my baby, is graduating from elementary school. The parents are putting together a yearbook for the graduates. Otis and I stopped by the school to take some pictures to contribute.

Milo has a huge crush on the little girl who sits next to him in class. Apparently he has been crushing on her the entire year. This is the little girl he asked to be his Valentine. The kids periodically change their seating arrangements so the have new table mates and make new friends. Milo says he used "The Secret" to get Caitlyn to be his neighbor. He gives me a daily update on how many times they talk, if the sit next to each other during non class times and what they talked about. He's a lover!

Now it's friday and we are getting ready for our weekly movie night. Tonight we are watching Happily Never After.
More tomorrow,

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