Tuesday, June 19, 2007

out with the old, in with the new

Summer is here!! The beginning of summer is so bitter sweet for me. I'm happy to have the kids at home with me and I love the freedom of summer, but it's so sad for me to see them say goodbye to friends and teachers and mark one more year of getting older. I'm proud of their accomplishments and of what great kids they are, but it's still a bit sad for me.
Here is Milo and Mrs. Nikiemi his third grade teacher.

This particular last day of school was really hard on me. My mush, my Dahlia spent her very last day in elementary school. It is very normal for me to cry on the first and last day of school. Everyone expects it, but this year my emotions horrified my darling daughter. I got a bit teary eyed, I was in no way sobbing or blubbering, but Dahlia shot me a look of such total and utter embarrassment I had to laugh.
This is Dahlia with Mrs. Hauseman. Her last elementary school teacher.

Dahlia made some really good friends this year. She has an official best friend, the girl to her right, and her first crush, the boy in blue. She has changed and grown so much. I am so proud of her!

During there last week of school I let them play hooky so we could go to the Rose Festival. It's this really fun event they have here every June on the waterfront. They have rides and games and this year they had a whole pirate theme going on. I forgot about it and when I remembered the festival I made plans for us to go over the weekend, but changed my mind expecting large crowds and long lines. My brilliant idea was to let them stay home on monday and take them when there wouldn't be very many people. So after much planning and packing we make our way downtown, parked, which is no small feat, and headed down to fun town. When Dahlia asked where everyone was I was honestly stumped. So I asked a bored security guard and we learned that the festival had closed! Sunday, the day I chose not to go, was the last day. I cannot describe the sounds of crushing disappointment that came from these three beautiful children. How could I be such a horrible mother?

So.... I bought them a puppy.
What's a mother to do when working with that kind of guilt?
We named her Daisy and she's a schnauzer/poodle mix, aka a schnoodle.

She is doing her job well. She keeps children company when they have pink eye and have to miss their last field trip at school.

And is just generally sweet and adorable. What more could you want from a tiny, fluffy, ball of cuteness?

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.