Monday, August 13, 2007

We're Baaaack!

Cash and I made it home safe and sound. He was an angel on the plane and slept through the whole trip.

Here he is sleepy and happy.

The kids are so in love with their new baby brother. They actually fight over whose turn it is to hold him.

Otis told everyone who would listen today at the store that he is a big brother. He is so proud! He wants to be where ever Cash is. It is so sweet. The love in our house has expanded greatly.

Milo is so nurturing and loving. He professes his love to Cash almost hourly.

I do believe he is the most adorable baby ever.

Cash had his first pediatrician appointment today. He is healthy and growing well. Everyone was impressed by his beauty.

He is still not sleeping at night but, we are still hopeful.

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